[ITNOG] R: la lingua ufficiale di ITNOG

Paolo Di Francesco paolo.difrancesco@level7.it
Gio 20 Dic 2018 15:14:29 CET

personally I support English as official language for the event and the 

Just my 2 Euro cents...

> On 13/11/18 21:49, Job Snijders wrote:
>> In NLNOG we have a mix of English and Dutch, but a lot of it is
>> English. For some reason almost every Dutch adult is able to carry
>> conversation in English
> In my experience this is mostly the issue with Italians, they can't
> speak English. I'm not talking about old people, young people also seem
> to have serious problems when it comes to the English language.
> While I find that funny, although a bit annoying in everyday life, it
> kinda bugs me when it's an IT person. I mean, how can they manage to
> interact with foreign tech support is beyond me. Do they just interact
> in writing? What if their clientele goes beyond the Italian borders?
> Perhaps I have a distorted view of the IT world, who knows. Still, it
> seems like a fundamental skill if you want to be a good tech person.
> My 2 cents, Davide


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