[ITNOG] R: la lingua ufficiale di ITNOG

Davide Davini diotonante@gmail.com
Gio 20 Dic 2018 15:04:15 CET

On 13/11/18 21:49, Job Snijders wrote:
> In NLNOG we have a mix of English and Dutch, but a lot of it is
> English. For some reason almost every Dutch adult is able to carry
> conversation in English

In my experience this is mostly the issue with Italians, they can't
speak English. I'm not talking about old people, young people also seem
to have serious problems when it comes to the English language.

While I find that funny, although a bit annoying in everyday life, it
kinda bugs me when it's an IT person. I mean, how can they manage to
interact with foreign tech support is beyond me. Do they just interact
in writing? What if their clientele goes beyond the Italian borders?

Perhaps I have a distorted view of the IT world, who knows. Still, it
seems like a fundamental skill if you want to be a good tech person.

My 2 cents, Davide

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