[ITNOG] sqlippool freeradius

Matteo Sgalaberni sgala@sgala.com
Ven 23 Set 2022 15:58:37 CEST

Ho risolto e mi autorispondo...ho appena postato sul thread che avevo aperto sulla ML di freeradius, sotto il post. Caso chiuso... 


Hi Alan, 

I found that my thesis are very "obsolete" and related to an older "queries.conf". 

On the branch release_3_0_26 I found a patch authored by Nick Porter 


related to this pull request: 


from the pull request description: 

>Updates to schema - set default values for all columns, including expiry_time. This allows pools to be populated with the new helper script which only updates pool_name and framedipaddress. Having expiry_time as a NOT NULL >removes the need for selection criteria such as (expiry_time < NOW OR expiry_time IS NULL), enabling better use of indexes. 

>Updates to queries - 

>Take advantage of the new allocate_existing query to split re-issuing of existing address from finding a free one 
>Amend all "freeing" queries so that they just expire the entry rather than clearing all client data. Essential to allow "sticky" IP behaviour 
>Remove allocate_clear queries that achieve nothing useful (and also break "sticky" IP behaviour) 

So the issue was resolved by Nick in 2020 ;) Thanks Nick! 

Case closed 

Thanks to all, 


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