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Brian Turnbow b.turnbow@twt.it
Gio 10 Set 2020 17:55:33 CEST

Fantastico questo che ha girato su nanog oggi

Sei un network eng e vivete in una zona senza broadband?
No problem, potete prendere l'esempio di Jared!

Brian Turnbow

TWT S.p.A.

> I believe this belongs here:
> Getting Fiber to My Town by Jared Mauch
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASXJgvy3mEg (YouTube video of
> NLnog presentation)
> https://nlnog.net/static/live/nlnog_live_sep_2020_jared.pdf (slides for
> presentation)
> https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=24424910#24430901 (discussion on
> Hacker News with Jared participating) https://washftth.com/ (project
> homepage)
> I find this an interesting description of how to apply skills that we normally
> only use at work to solve connectivity issues at home. Quite timely too, as
> home connectivity is needed more than ever.
> Highlights:
> - location: just outside of Ann Arbor
> - no fixed broadband since 2002 -> build own network
> - pre-wire neighbors with fiber drops and feed them off WISP first
> - lots of work to sign up customers, having to resort to snailmail to reach all
> - 70% of homes passed signed up
> - Have ASN, get IPv6 and IPv4 allocation, multihome and connect to local IXP
> - purchase equipment: fusion splicer, OTDR, materials, directional drill(!)
> - hire contractors, deal with all manner of problems, theft, stop work orders,
> unbudgeted costs, unmarked/badly marked utilities, hitting (own) utilities
> - build own fiber blower(!) for blowing in fiber in ducts
> - splice, OTDR, resplice, schedule installs ... which don't always go to plan
> - Upstream very helpful, offered a Cisco 6500 as CPE, however respectfuly
> declined and went with Arista
> - Link up! Network is now live with 17 subscribers hooked up. More waiting
> to be connected
> - Mixed Active Ethernet and GPON
> - latency drops from 30 ms to 8 ms, bandwidth from 20-30M to 730M, total
> commit 1.5G on 10G port, plans from 50M to 500M
> - SPAM! IPv4 brokers and the usual unsolicited contacts from bottom of the
> baller IP transit providers
> - Costs: $126k in 2020, $95k contractors, $32k materials and equipment. Total
> outlay ~$150k + years of sweat equity. Important to spread out costs over
> longer period of time to be able to afford. Offset costs by using pre-pay
> model (Can pay $5,000 up-front and receive $50 credit for 100 months)
> All in all it was an excellent presentation. I only wish Jared had spent some
> more time on how he had to become a telco and how this got him better
> access to the public right of way. Of course, some more details on his
> directional boring and some nice video of him running the drill would have
> been a cherry on top :)
> I'd like to congratulate Jared on lighting up his network and wish him success
> in running it. I did a similar build almost twenty years ago and regret I didn't
> have the forethought to document the effort better then. Not that there
> was a YouTube to put it all on then :)
> You can find the other presentations from NLnog live September 2020 at
> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVz78FbsOJ6v6xb6S2GpvWQ
> Jared, not the Mauch one

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