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> From: Kevin Meynell <meynell@isoc.org>
> Date: 6 June 2020 at 03:02:05 CEST
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> Subject: [Manrs-members] MANRS Ambassador Programme
> Dear MANRS participants,
> We’re pleased to announce that we’re launching our MANRS Ambassador programme as of today (5 June 2020), and are seeking applications from those interested in becoming a MANRS Ambassador.
> The aims of the MANRS Ambassador programme are to raise awareness of the MANRS initiative and encourage adoption of better routing security practices; particularly in regions with limited take-up to-date.
> MANRS Ambassadors are representatives of MANRS participant organisations who strongly support that routing security is an essential component of a more resilient and secure Internet, and who are recognised opinion leaders in their respective communities. Stipends can be paid for up to 4 hours work per week.
> More information can be found at https://www.manrs.org/ambassadors-programme/ and the application form is at https://www.manrs.org/ambassadors-programme/ambassadors/apply/
> Applications should be received by 10 June 2020 and will be reviewed by the MANRS Ambassador Selection Committee based on the criteria outlined below. This is comprised from volunteers from the MANRS Community as follows:
> 	Andrew Gallo (GWU) - ARIN region
> 	Peter Gitau (KIXP) - AfriNIC region
> 	Carlos Martinez (LACNIC) - LACNIC region	
> 	Warwick Mitchell (AARNet) - APNIC region
> 	Arnold Nipper (DE-CIX) - RIPE region
> 	Antonio Prado (SBTAP) - RIPE region
> 	Arturo Sevrin (Google) - ARIN region
> 	Kevin Meynell (Internet Society)
> 	Aftab Siddiqui (Internet Society)
> Regards,
> Kevin Meynell
> MANRS Community Manager
> ----
> What is a MANRS Ambassador?
> A MANRS Ambassador is a representative of a MANRS participant organisation who strongly believes that routing security is an essential component of a more resilient and secure Internet, and who is a recognised opinion leader in their respective community. As well as promoting MANRS and better routing security practices within their national and regional communities, a further role will be to recruit, develop and mentor future MANRS Fellows.
> MANRS Ambassador Focus Areas
> There will be three categories for MANRS Fellows so it’s important to have MANRS Ambassadors who are experts in at least one of these categories; which include technical training, research/data gathering, and policy development.
> Tasks of the MANRS Ambassadors
> Creating awareness of MANRS and routing security through word-of-mouth and social media accounts in their national and regional communities.
> Representing the MANRS Community at conferences, workshops, symposiums and meetings etc…
> Providing content and ideas for content for articles and blogs etc..
> Offering suggestions for improving the MANRS conformance criteria, MANRS Observatory and other network monitoring tools, and training materials
> Providing technical guidance and assistance to less experienced network operators.
> Moderate online MANRS training course. 
> Recruiting, developing and mentoring future MANRS Fellows.
> Coordinating with other MANRS ambassadors and contributing to building the MANRS Community.
> Allocating 2-4 hours per week to MANRS.
> Considerations when selecting a MANRS Ambassador 
> Public speaking - ability to speak confidently when promoting MANRS.
> Credibility - should have good reputation within the Internet sector.
> Team player - willing to provide mentorship to MANRS Fellows.
> Time - willingness and sufficient time available to spend on MANRS activities. 
> MANRS Fellowship Programme
> The MANRS Fellowship programme will aim to offer highly-motivated individuals the opportunity to work on an international development initiative in the areas of technical training, research/data gathering, or in policy development. We’re planning to announce this in mid-June.
> A MANRS Fellow is not necessarily a representative of a MANRS participant organisation, but who is an emerging leader in their community who also strongly believes that routing security is an essential component of a more resilient and secure Internet. Stipends can be paid for these roles.
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