[ITNOG] IPv6 e data retention

Brian Turnbow b.turnbow@twt.it
Mar 12 Maggio 2015 17:08:00 CEST

> il caso inglese veniva misurato cosi':
> "How many individual CGN bindings, or session states, does each user
> generate? One report I've seen points to an average of some 33,000
> connections per end customer each day. If that's the case then the
> implication is that each customer will generate some 17Mbytes of log
> information every day. For a very large service provider, with, say, some 25
> million customers, that equates to a daily log file of 425Tbytes. If these CGN
> records were produced at an unrealistically uniform rate per day, that's a
> constant log data flow of some 40Gbps. At a more realistic estimate of the
> busy period peaking at 10 times the average, the peak log data flow rate is
> some 400Gbps.
> That's the daily load, but what about longer term data retention storage
> demands? The critical questions here is the prevailing data retention period.
> In some regimes it's 2 years, while in other regimes it's up to
> 7 years. Continuing with our example, holding this volume of data for 7 years
> of data will consume 1,085,875 Terrabytes, or 1.0 Exabytes to use the
> language of excessively large numbers."

È un po datato i 512 di partenza, era misurato in syslog se non sbaglio. 
Netflow ha ridotto di molto i dati.
Su nat 1:1 sono solo 20Byte, ma deve aggiungere i vari pezzi per completare la tracciabilità per N:1


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